These Baby Choco Bombs come with your choice of 6 - 2" White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Mint Chocolate.


So what is a Baby Choco Bomb you ask? Choco Bombs are hallow chocolate balls with marshmallows inside. When melted with hot milk, you create a super yummy hot chocolate. See the video for how the choco bomb explodes with the milk!






Monster Choco Bomb Packages are to be picked up on 2/13/20 between 2pm-3pm.

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Baby Choco Bombs

  • Please keep at a controlled temperature environment. Do not allow bombs to get warm.



    1. Place cold milk in a microwave safe container or in a pot on the stove. Heat milk to a boil, do not burn.
    2. Put your Choco Bomb into your cup.
    3. Pour hot milk over top of Choco Bomb.
    4. Stir to mix the Choco Bomb with your milk and enjoy!

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