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We offer a yummy variety of flavors for you to choose from. Our cakes are paired with our house buttercream which are made from scratch using our own recipes. Most cakes will comes standard with our house vanilla buttercream, but can be substituted per request.


All cakes are also paired with a Ganache crumb coating which serves as extra stability for your cake especially with fillings. For our custom cakes, we use a homemade modeling chocolate which is absolutely delicious in the place of fondant. For non-custom cakes we may use buttercream. It typically depends on the design!


Vanilla Wedding Cake - A fluffy white moist vanilla cake.

Chocolate Dream Cake - A classic super rich chocolate cake.

Funky Fresh Strawberry - Insanely moist cake made with real strawberries.

Vanilla Almond-tastic - Light and sweet but moist and rich in flavor.

Lemon-y Sunshine - Lemon cake with freshly zested lemons make this flavor fabulous.

Red Velvet Blast - Our red velvet is always moist and dense with a light chocolate flavor.

Old Fashioned Butta'  - Old fashioned, buttery golden yellow cake

Fiesta - A fun color explosion vanilla cake.


Premium $10 Additional

Twisted Zebra - Alternating layers of our white wedding cake and chocolate dream cake.

Crazy Tiger - Alternating layers of our old fashioned butta' cake and chocolate dream cake.

Flippin' Pink - Alternating layers of our funky fresh strawberry cake and our white wedding cake.

Flamingo Swirl - Alternating layers of our funky fresh strawberry cake and our chocolate dream cake.

Rays of Sunshine - Alternating layers of our lemon-y sunshine cake and our vanilla wedding cake.

Flippin’ Pink Rays of Sunshine - Alternating layers of our funky fresh strawberry cake and lemon-y sunshine cake.


Premium $10 Additional

Chocolate Ganache

White Chocolate Ganache

Strawberry Cream

Strawberry Compote

Fresh Strawberries

Cookie Dough

Cookies & Cream

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Chocolate Bavarian Cream


Cupcake Flavors

Vanilla Wedding Cake

Chocolate Dream Cake

Funky Fresh Strawberry

Vanilla Almond-tastic

Lemon-y Sunshine

Red Velvet Blast

Old Fashioned Butta' 

To ensure the quality and sturdiness of our cakes, we coat all cakes with ganache.

  • We are not gluten free.

  • We are not nut free.

  • Not all premium flavors or fillings will be available, this will depend on the design of your cake.

  • Premium flavor prices accommodate 1 tier only. Any additional tiers will incur more fees.

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