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Let's Meet!



I'm a hobby baker that specializes in artistic edibles such as custom cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and other items. My custom cakes are centered around bringing my love for art into an edible format.

In my personal life my philosophy will always be, never take for granted those you hold close and never devalue your own worth. My grandmother taught me many lessons while she lived, but most of all the greatest lesson she unknowingly instilled in me was how to love and treat people no matter who they are.


As for my work history, I have been creating custom edible items since 2013. I focus solely on bringing my customers amazing eye catching cakes and other edible artistic treats. I feel my edge in the cake community is my design skills, eye for precision and my perfectionism to truly hone in on those details that really matter. I pride myself on being able to create masterpieces out of buttercream and beyond. I also take great pleasure in creating edible items that my customers will absolutely love. From the moment an order is placed to the communications we share, it always brings me joy when I am able to create my customers vision and bring it to life. 

Take advantage of the links I have provided for you and it should get you started in the right direction. If you are looking for a price quote, check out my INQUIRY link so I am able to get all the basic details of your order so I can help you better.

I have some truly amazing customers and I do hope you will become one too!


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